5 Wooden Planter Box Ideas and DIY Designs of Every Geometric Form

Ladders or Steps


A ladder planter box is a great way to add visual interest to your yard. We love the idea of building your own so you can customize the height. A ladder with five steps will look great leaning against your fence, whereas a three-step ladder will fit on your deck and is super convenient for keeping fresh herbs close at hand.


For an even more dramatic effect, build your DIY triangular planter upwards or stack multiple planters to build a pyramid. Artistic liberty is encouraged when making a pyramid shaped planter because it is your interpretation that is going to make it unique. Kudos if you can find a way to invert your pyramid into a cone shape! Try mixing up flowers, ferns and succulents on the different layers to add visual impact. A pyramid wood planter would also be a creative way to organize a herb garden.

Straight Shelves

There’s so many ways you can use shelving to display your plants. Straight shelves are a classic look that an easily be updated to feel more modern. Reclaimed wood is a unique way to give straight shelving some more personality or stick to treated lumber if you’re into more traditional styles.


Building a rectangular wooden planter box is a simple way to DIY without complicating your project too much. Consider what you’ll be growing when choosing the dimensions of your rectangle. A tall, vertical planter plan looks ultra sophisticated when filled with long grass or ferns. Short and wide rectangles serve as the perfect canvas for bedding flowers like marigolds and impatiens. Some of the ideas we’ve featured below include wheels, which can prove to be a useful detail, Wheels make moving an oversized, (sometimes heavy) planter much easier if your flowers need more sunlight.


Tiered planter boxes are the best way to create dimension in your yard. By strategically placing plants at different heights you can ensure your most beautiful flowers are always visible. A tiered planter is especially helpful if you’d like to create more vertical focal points in your yard, without committing to trees or large shrubbery.

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