This is a Color Combination for Good & Luxurious Calligraphy to Place at Home


Calligraphy to decorate walls is common for us to find. Often, the calligraphy that is mounted on the wall is Arabic calligraphy or calligraphy that contains writings. But apparently, there are also other types of calligraphy that can be used as inspiration to put at home, you know! Want to know anything? Take a peek at some great calligraphy inspiration here!

If all this time you usually see black Arabic calligraphy combined with gold, then it’s time for you to buy this calligraphy. The background is rainbow colored, very pretty and elegant. Combined with gold Arabic letters, it makes this calligraphy even more pleasing to the eye.

Second, with a painting that is yellowish in color, really depicts the atmosphere of twilight. You can also see this Japanese calligraphy depicting a very charming cherry blossom tree. It is suitable to be placed in the family lounge. With such a serene and charming impression, gazing at this fine calligraphy will put your mind at ease too.

Still on the theme of cherry blossom trees, this Japanese calligraphy is also very unique. With the depiction of cherry blossoms that are in full bloom plus a bird perched on one of the branches, it makes your mind relax and calm. Even though it only uses three colors namely red, white and black, in fact this Japanese calligraphy still looks extraordinarily beautiful.

Want calligraphy that is different from the usual? Just try to imitate the idea of ​​this one picture of the sea and sunset. The colors are dominated by green and yellow, so it gives a very cheerful and unusual impression. If you are a millennial and your home is in a modern minimalist style, it’s not wrong to choose this image as inspiration for a good calligraphy design at home!

If you are looking for other calligraphy that can bring a cheerful impression, then this color combination is also suitable. The use of bright and sharp colors and a neutral color, namely black for writing, makes this calligraphy pleasing to the eye. The drawing design is not adventurous, it’s just leaves. As shown in the picture, this calligraphy is also suitable to be placed in the living room so that people who come to your house feel happy and energized.

Those are five examples of good calligraphy color combinations for the home. Of course, before buying calligraphy, you have to think about where the calligraphy will be placed as well as the overall concept of the existing house so that it doesn’t collide with one another. Happy searching!.

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