7 Examples of Non-Slip, Safe Bathroom Floor Tiles!


The choice of bathroom tiles is very important, because if you choose the wrong one, your bathroom will become very slippery. Moreover, bathroom ceramics are usually special ceramics that are designed not to be slippery, starting from the selection of materials to the texture. Therefore, don’t choose the wrong ceramics for your bathroom! So, if you are looking for examples of non-slippery but still aesthetic bathroom floor tiles, read further in this article:

7 Examples of Non-Slippery Bathroom Floor Tiles

The first option, there is a vintage-style bathroom with installation of colorful ceramic motifs that are unique but still beautiful to look at. The ceramic part of the bathroom floor uses small square patterned tiles. With a texture on the floor, this ceramic is one of the bathroom floor tiles that is non-slippery and safe for all family members including small children.

Second, there is a non-slippery bathroom floor tile because the surface is matte so it won’t make it slippery when exposed to water. With a gradient color of brown, this tile looks so appropriate when combined with wall tiles with small box motifs in the same color with a glossy surface. It is suitable for residences that carry the use of earth tone colors.

Do you like luxurious and elegant bathrooms? Then you can choose marble patterned ceramics with a matte surface like the following picture. Combine it with gold-colored furniture, then in an instant an expensive and luxurious impression will appear. Don’t forget to adjust the lighting too so that the luxurious and expensive impression can appear more and more real.

Similar to the recommendations for non-slippery bathroom floor tiles before, the only difference is that the tiles in this picture have a gold marble pattern. Combined with brown ceramics, this bathroom is also suitable for those of you who like elegant and luxurious style.

It is clear that this recommendation for non-slippery bathroom floor tiles is suitable for a residence with a modern minimalist concept. Because, the colors used are colors that tend to be neutral like black and brown. This bathroom is also suitable for a boy’s bathroom.

The idea of ​​making the bathroom non-slippery can also be realized by making a semi-open or semi-outdoor bathroom like this one. With the placement of plants, it makes the bathroom room cooler. Plus, the part of the bathroom that is used as a wet area or shower is designed to be like a small pond so that water won’t go everywhere.

This bathroom is not a semi-outdoor bathroom because there are transparent tiles used. Even so, the use of a transparent roof makes this bathroom illuminated by natural light from the sun. Plus the non-slippery ceramic bathroom floor makes this place perfect for you and your family.

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