7 Arrangement of Frames on the Living Room Wall that are Nice to See


The living room is the area that is first seen by anyone who enters the house, for that it is appropriate to make the living room as attractive as possible. One way is by using frames as a sweetener display. The following are some tips for arranging frames on the living room wall that you can emulate.

Arrangement of Frames on Living Room Walls

Place the Big Frame in the Middle

In order to arrange the frame on the living room wall neatly, place a large frame in the middle or it is called a center piece. Because if you put a large frame in the middle it will give eye catching to anyone who sees it. Choose family photos or photos with precious moments.

One Theme

Another way of arrangement is to use frames with one theme. You can make a frame arrangement from several photo frames based on the color tone or the same image. For example, choose colors with the same concept as earth tones or monochrome. This arrangement gives the impression of a coordinated and neat appearance.

Contemporary Style

Arranging frames on the living room wall using a contemporary style makes the room look unique and elegant. You have to pay attention to the color of the paint on the walls and require precision to determine other complementary interiors.

Customize Frame Settings

To give a modern and elegant impression, you must pay attention to the arrangement of decorative details. You must specify the frame model with the size, number and model of the frame to be paired. You don’t need to choose a lot of frames so that the room doesn’t give the impression of being cramped and cramped.

Combine With Other Interiors

If you are bored with the usual arrangement, you can arrange the frame by combining it with other interior items such as decorative shelves, stickers and wall paint. By combining these arrangements, it gives a unique impression to your living room.

Arrange Parallel

So that the appearance of your living room looks neat and minimalist, place frames in parallel lines using the same frame size. If you choose this arrangement, you need to be reminded not to put lots of frames on one wall so it doesn’t look cramped.

Use a Minimalist Writing Frame

If you don’t want to use frames with your family photos, choose frames with simple minimalist writing to beautify your living room. The use of this frame is also very suitable for those of you who have a house with a minimalist concept.

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