5 Modern Minimalist House Terrace Models that are Cheap to Make

Modern Minimalist House Terrace Model


Modern Minimalist Home Terrace Deck Model For those of you who want to make a terrace with a minimalist concept, you can see examples of home designs above. The design of the terrace of this house looks simple with the support of a pillar that is not too big in size. In order to make it look attractive, you can make a truss not with the addition of ceramics.

Dak Terrace Modern Minimalist House 2

The dak terrace is minimalist, you can see in the design above, the shape looks minimalist but still modern, so that it looks unique you can use different colors on the dak pillars. The size of the not is about 2 meters x 3.5 meters, very suitable for use in a house with a size of 90 square meters.

Model Dak Terrace House 3

You can see other house terrace models in the picture above. The design of this nook looks attractive, you can make the nook high enough, so that the house feels luxurious and attractive, even the roof can be used as a place to relax.

Modern Minimalist House Terrace Model 4

If you want to make a unique home terrace, you can follow the image above. The design looks unique and modern, you can use wood or galvanized materials as a support for the roof. This modern impression can be seen in the support of the terrace which is made with a small size but looks distant.

Dak Terrace House 5

You can see other house terrace designs in the picture above. The design looks very attractive. To make it more sturdy, you can use concrete as a support for the roof, don’t forget to use a paint color that matches the facade of the house so that the appearance of the house feels prettier.

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